Data Visualization

This group is a community of practice for NYU administrative staff, faculty, technical and senior leadership to share their collective knowledge, experience and passion about data visualiztion and analytics in order to empower our academic and administrative units to achieve their objectives.

Planned Goal/Outcome

To increase analytics proficiency as well as understand and evangelize the importance of a comprehensive analytics plan across platforms and functions in achieving greater success for our various schools and administrative units.

Processes and Practices

Quarterly meetings proposed to discuss relevant topics and issues as well as to share best practices, processes, and related knowledge. Members are encouraged to bring current problems they are grappling with to discuss as well as connect for working sessions, if desired. Google Group is available also for discussion questions, topics, etc.


Meeting Information

Members: 50+

Meeting Style:

  • In Person
  • Remote

Frequency: Quarterly

Community Organizers

* primary contact